I have a Samsung (Sprint) SPH-A920, I bought it from a friend, but I need to get the number disconnected. HELP

Question asked by tipsu21
I need the number disconnected to this fancy Samsung Cell phone, but I don't know who the account holder is or what to do, I want to use the phone, my old cell phone does not work, PLEASE HELP, DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO DISCONNECT A PHONE NUMBER FROM A CELL PHONE WITHOUT THE ACCOUNT HOLDERS INFO, I REALLY NEED MY PHONE, MY OLD ONE DOES NOT WORK AND MY STEP MY IS SICK, I NEED TO STAY IN CONTACT WITH HER. PLEASE!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You. :-)

Answered by testike
You can actually check if that Samsung phone you bought from your friend can be used on your number by calling Sprint Customer Care and ask them if they can check on a particular Electoronic Serial Number (ESN DEC or HEX that can be found at the back of the phone if you remove the battery out) if it's free and can be activated on your account.

If they will tell you that that number is still asssociated with a person's active account, you might want to return that phone to your friend for it could be a stolen phone and get your money back. Or you can ask your friend where you bought the phone from to work with sprint to deactivate her number (if the account belongs to her) from that phone.

If it is still associated to an account with an outstanding balance, you can either ask your friend to settle the balances so you can activate the phone or you can return the phone back to her and get your money back for there is no way you can use that phone unless the account is closed with no outstanding balances.

Hope I am of help.

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