Does anyone know where I can download the driver for a Samsung SGH-T309?

Question asked by tipsu21

When I connect the usb cable it just says that a new hardware has been found, but it doesn't work, it says that the drivers have to be installed but I don't have the CD rom because my phone was from somebody else, and he didn't give my anything just the phone and the usb cable.

Answered by testike
im assuming to download stuff?? with this phone you dont need one. all you do is plug in the usb and it automatically works....i hope this helps. if it doesnt, try being a little more specific and i will see what i can do to help you :)

UPDATE: i did some research. i couldnt find it at but i did find a website that does sell it. unfortunately, you would have to buy it again. i COULD NOT find a free driver anywhere. but this was the only website i could find it. i hope this helps!

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