testike posted 121 months ago

I have had this phone for about two days now. As a phone 'freak' - so far I have experimented with every option available. Short and to the point: This is a decent phone. Not over the top but it's not so bad either.

- Loud and great mp3/HiFi ringtones (Seems expensive at 1.99 a piece from t-zones, but I'd say it's worth it.)
- Clear and loud speaker-phone
- Sleek and stylish design
- Very lightweight and portable
- Internal LCD graphics are very clear
- Camera is usable, not the best of quality but is decent for a decent priced phone.
---- Camera option includes zoom and brightness adjustments.
---- Camera can be used with phone closed.
- Group callers (You can assign each group a different ring-tone and picture ID. Big plus.)
- 1000 phone-book entries on phone.
- Great reception/signal. Even in the school buildings where signals are expected to fade. (Located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.)

- Hands-free volume is extremely low, frequent crackling and broken sounds. (This can be avoided by.. not using the hands-free and use the speaker-phone instead.)
- Phone turns off and back on during picture messaging. (Leave the phone alone until it has completed it's task..)
- External LCD screen is gray-scaled. (Not a very big factor, I actually like the black style.)
- Photo caller ID does not show on external screen. (Nothing major, just open up the phone and the photo will be there..)
- There are no options to turn off the shutter sound on the camera. It is always on and very loud. (This is actually one of the only biggest issues with this phone..)

All cons are minor points that can be dealt with. Overall, for the purpose of effective communication. This phone has a pretty high rank, regardless.