testike posted 120 months ago

I had signed up for tmobile and ordered my phone, but it hadn't arrived yet. So i was using the t809 for about a week. Now after a week i can see the differences.

I love the slider and the spring slide assistant.

love the form of the phone.

better camera and video than the 809.

bluetooth - links easy with phones, haven't tried the head set's yet.

battery life is better than 809 and my last phone(samsung a610) i use my phone often and use it as a form of entertainment. i'm used to rechargin my phone every night anyway, but i can go a night or 2 with less usage

locking my applications (came from verizon where you can't do that)

mp3's as ringtones

instant messenger

mp3 player

the submenu's help see what you're looking for.

Voice dialing (not on 809)

display is very clear.

low to high ringer also a con(because i'm in constant positions that i need to silence my ringer quickly w/o having to keep puttinh it on silent this works)


the port covers feel flimsy. one of the
covers on my brothers the 809 broke, this may happen with the 629 also

picks up finger prints easily.

low to high ringer can be an annoyance at times

speaker could be louder

uncustomizable d-pad

annoying shutter sound that cant be turned off when taking a picture.

screen stays lit while charging.

all in all these are very minor inconveniences and don't effect my usage. i get great service, and there are only 2 spots where i have no signal where i am, but they're spots i pass in about 6 seconds so it's barely noticeable. calls are clear. i would recommend this phone to anyone