Can i get my samsung x427 to work in the UK?

Question asked by tipsu21
I bought a Samsung x427 in the US with cingular as the provider, but when i moved to the UK the phone would not work with any UK sim cards. Is there any way of getting a UK sim card to work in the phone?


Answered by testike
For any Cingular phone to work with a UK sim, the phone would have to be unlocked
That being said, this phone unlocked would still not work in the UK as it is a North American dual band phone (GSM850/1900)
The UK works on GSM900/1800 so this phone will not be able to see the network as it is missing those bands.
Answered by mindwork
Yes,if you unlock the Cingular network from the phone it will accept UK sim cards...To unlock you can approach and get the required unlock code for your Samsung X427.Once unlocked you can use with any UK GSM network.

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