which out of these three phones is better and fits budget of rs 10000/? Samsung z240/samsunge840/ nokia 6300?

Question asked by tipsu21
Any other suggestions of phones?? with mp3,expandable memory and camera...good girly phone??
which can have a memory card, good memory,mp3 as ringtones and sms tones, edge,gprs etc...basically a good happening girly phone..and does the e840 come in pink?? thats what gsm arena says...
Also should be the latest and why do u say samsung has no value for money?

Answered by testike
I will say none of the above.... go for K750i/ K550i (Rs 8500/-).
If you can slightly increase your budget (Rs 10,600/-), then go for W810i.

Don't you ever go for 6300, the battery sucks. Also the 2MP camera takes very poor pictures.
Samsung phones are good looking and have good features, but they are not value for money.

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