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Network GSM 850 / GSM 900 / GSM 1
Dimensions 4" x 1.8" x 0.5" (102 x
Weight 3 oz
Camera Resolution: 2+ megapixelLED flash, auto-focus / active lens cover (K550 only)
Memory 64 MB (built-in, flash shared memory)
Screen Type: LCD (Color TFT/TFD)Resolution: 176 x 220 pixelsColors: 262,144 (18-bit)

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testike posted 126 months ago

I've been buying SE products ever since my love affair with the W600i. However, this has been the first SE phone that left me wondering: What were they thinking? I got this phone unlocked (Mediterranean version). Hence the phone doesn't have Spanish or Portuguese which I use often when texting relatives (first let down, but this is not SE's fault) The phone has performed well overall (reception, battery life, features) but there are other things that make it a no-keeper for me.

-Beautiful color screen (better than W810i, same as on K790a)
-Camera is flush with the phone. Flush surface is very nice (in this case)
-The ability to use BT headphones
-FM radio seems to get better signal than the W810i.

-KEYPAD! OMG I find it almost impossible to text on this thing. If you have long finger nails, forget it! I noticed a little improvement after clipping my nails really short though. I clip my nails every two weeks! If I keep this phone I'll have to clip them once a week.
-Voice quality: Muffled. I have to keep the phone at about 80%-85% high. If I raise the volume to 100% it'll sound awful
-Volume and Walkman keys on the sides of the phone are flush with the phone which makes it hard to find/push if you're in the dark or if you're just trying to press them without looking.
-Speakerphone is nice but it could be louder. Stereo speakers would had been nice.
-BUG: The phone won't go back to the home screen after making a phone call and pressing numbers (as in when you call your voicemail and have to press 1 and 7 and 9 etc) I'd hang up and those numbers that I pressed during the phone call would not clear the screen.
-BUG: I downloaded Opera Mini on it, but I've come to realize that it will start slowing down as I navigate until it will completely freeze up. I'll try to download Opera Mini again to see if this fixes this issue.

I'm using this phone cuz I had to have an unlocked phone (roaming overseas) but as soon as I go back to the US in Jan; I'm selling it!

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