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Network GSM 850 / GSM 900 / GSM 1
Dimensions 4" x 1.9" x 0.7" (102 x
Weight 4.2 o
Camera Resolution: 5+ megapixelauto-focus lens / xenon flash / red-eye reduction
Memory 64 MB (built-in, flash shared memory)
Screen Type: LCD (Color TFT/TFD)Resolution: 240 x 320 pixels (QVGA)2.2" diagonalColors: 262,144 (18-bit)

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testike posted 121 months ago

I received my K850i about a week ago, and I've been very satisfied with it. It took me a short time to adapt to the new interface, having previously used a Nokia 6820 for over 3 years, but it's very user friendly and "explorable". PC-Sync works great both for syncing calendar / contacts and moving files/pictures. I use bluetooth to effortlessly connect to it with my N800 tablet, and can explore the filesystem and use DUN, it's wonderful with 3G. I don't write many text messages, but that was the only time I missed my full qwerty keyboard when using this phone.

The camera seems to be very good so far, with some pics being a little blurry due to my lack of coordination, but when braced I've gotten excellent photos. The video quality seems reasonable, even in less than desirable lighting conditions. The lens is covered by a recessed piece of glass/plastic, and there's a shutter cover behind that. It's prone to fingerprints, and requires extra attention to clean because it's recessed slightly. I'm very happy with the flash.

Speaking of light, I discovered a feature that's not mentioned in the provided manual or the downloadable manual, and also not listed on phonescoop. This device does have flashlight capability, provided by a small trio of LED's right below the flash. I think these might also be used in video mode, but I haven't confirmed that. My wife's old cellphone had a LED flashlight that we used occasionally, so I was pleasantly surprised to find this undocumented feature.

The flashlight can be turned on by going to the Menu, selecting Organizer, then scrolling to "Light", nestled between "Stopwatch" and "Calculator" functions. The options are to turn it on, off, on for 1 minute, or to flash SOS in morse code.

I would recommend this phone to anyone who wants a high-quality camera for mobile blogging... or just for capturing life's moments. I look forward to exploring more of this phone's features.

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