testike posted 121 months ago

What can i say, this phone is for people who think of there phone as another accessory.

the phones design is very unigue, although i do think there is too much going on in the front of the the phone, there are too many buttons, even ontop of the screen, i liked the s710a's simple design better.

The screen is smaller compared to the s710, well alot smaller, but the quality of it is very good, clear crisp.

I really like the camera, just as good as the s710, I find myself using the camera alot more than my past camera phones.

being able to store songs and use them as ring tones is great, no more paying jamster 2 bucks a tone!!

the phone comes with plenty of stuff,..dont like the orange?? change it to the included blue cover, on mine i have the back orange and the front blue, what can i say, im qnique.

the phone has a lot to do on it, and will always keep you entertained. lots of demo games, photo video and sound DJ's
The phone book is great, nice layout and lots of options for each contact.

you can change everytihng on this phone, theemes wallpaper ringers screen saver, very customizeable.

all in all im satisfed and will keep it till cingular comes up with another swivel phone!