SonyEricsson W810 or W850, which one is the best choice ?

Question asked by tipsu21
I think of changing a new phone (just my phone is old, got some minor problems as well)... I got 2 best choice in mind: W810i or W850i. The sliding feature in W850 which I worry a lot, looks fragile to me. But W810 kinda phone I have plenty of experiences, no sliding no flipping no twisting, looks boring to me.

What I found was:
W810i - not fragile, but the music player (software) is old
W850i - fragile but stylish, has a newer music player

What my main concern is:
1) Which one is the best, if i plan to last for few years?
2) Which one has the louder ringtone volume?
3) Which one has more powerful vibrate?
4) Which one is handy to use?

Please give me some advice.

Answered by testike
I have W810i and it's the best!It's handy it has a really good music player and I don't think that you'll find many differences between this and W850i as they're both from the same series(walkman phones).And anyway I don't think that your choice should depend on the music player of the phone because if you want a good music player you should get an ipod or an mp3 player!The difference in the quality of the sound is amazing!So I hope I helped and I recommend W810i!!!

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