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Ringtone: Nigger Jokes

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Code: a379826
Uploaded by:dna93
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Added:75 months ago
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  • kiesha54


    57 months ago
    this ringtone needs to be removed!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • shawnhunt77


    58 months ago
    wats the difference between a mediu, pizza and a nigger??? medium pizza can feed
    family of 4
  • sarah41708


    62 months ago
    that shits hillirous
  • nikkipatt123


    68 months ago
    there ain't nothing wrong with any of this...
    noticw that the key word is
    you need to get a fuckin life and leave ppl be
    if it wasn't illegal for
    david allen coe to produce it then shut the fuck up!
    i don't like niggers
    there's a BIG difference between a nigger and a black person..
    if you were
    smart you'd know that dipshit
  • lusciouslex74


    68 months ago
    hes a racist huh, somebody wanna tell me what race this guy is? seems to me hes
    making fun of everyone, guess hes started a new race...all his own?
  • zestyred


    69 months ago
    yall need to loosen the fuck up
    if your white ur a cracker
    if your black your a
    if your asian your a slant eye
    if your mexican your a wetback
    If your
    middle eastern your a sand nigger

    we all have the names, just get use to it and
    leave people be.

    now just enjoy this stuff.
  • babbycakes


    73 months ago
    wow ur a racist pig get a life..
  • xodanniboo


    74 months ago
    what the fuck is your problem!
    why would you put this racist shit on here?


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