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App: Bane Voice Changer BTVC Batman

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Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
BEST voice changer to modify voice to sound like Bane (played by Tom Hardy), from The Dark Knight Rises movie (TDKR) ! Record, then play with voice modification ! Set RINGTONE. Share audio files via Email / Skype, or edit with Audio file editor/Ringtone editor app. Share (no audio yet) with Facebook, Twitter friends ! Visit comic book fan club / convention like Comic Con, show a custom ringtone audio effect, or change friends' voices to Batman arch-nemesis !

Parents and kids can record a fun Bane impression ! Adjust - Voice Depth and change to (5) for kids. Reviewers suggest male-to-male cable to connect headphone jack to play on HiFi audio equipment. Connect to your public address system to make a Bane speech at the stadium for best effect ! Keep volume low initially !

No real-time voice modification (megaphone) feature in the app (maybe later). That would allow use with a Bane mask.

COPYRIGHT and FAIR USE - This app does NOT use any copyrighted audio. Background image DOES bear a resemblance to Bane - if copyright owner feels this is not within the ambit of "fair use" for a parody app, we may have to change the graphic of the Dark Knight nemesis to a more unrecognizable image. The Batman, Dark Knight, Bane, Joker characters are owned by DC Comics, The Dark Knight Rises (TDKR) movie by DC Entertainment.

PARODY app - modify audio file soundtrack for Bane/Batman parody video on YouTube OR accurate VOICE IMPRESSION for Bane video on Facebook or Vine.

SING Karaoke as Darth Vader (he's good) - try singing Karaoke as Bane (impossible ?). Fast change between Darth / Bane voice modification with onscreen button ! Create YouTube video of Bane in conversation with Darth Vader.

COSPLAY (costume play) comic book/movie fans of the Batman franchise can now sound like Bane as voiced by Tom Hardy ! Listen to our 5-star reviews !

SOUNDBOARD - NO soundboard included, but Soundboard button onscreen will run ANY app (Menu-Soundboard to select one of your installed apps). We do not advocate violation of copyright content. It's USE as a REFERENCE for improving parody effect or voice impression MAY OR MAY NOT fall within FAIR USE.

Watch DVD of The Dark Knight Rises movie - listen and practice the voice effect ! Improve VOICE ACTING skills - try to reproduce Tom Hardy voice inflections - speak with a "vocal fry" type of voice (low and gravely). Best results when you wake up in the morning (when vocal folds are relaxed). Use ADJUST button to set Voice Depth: (-1) if you have a deep voice, (5) if you are a kid.

Check out this YouTube video on "vocal fry" (unrelated to us): Vocal Fry Epidemic - YouTube

Talking Tom Cat mode - familiar with Talking Tom Cat apps ? Click LIVE - speak and Batman nemesis will reply back with voice modification effects ! Use in quiet places. For noisy places, reduce microphone volume sensitivity: click Problems - Audio Source - Raw and speak closer to microphone. For a volume boost, use Adjust - Volume Boost.

FREE FILE MANAGER - Menu - Folder shows record.wav (Record/Play), recordlive.wav (LIVE) files. BaneTalk folder contains audio files you have saved, and every audio file you have shared or e-mailed. We use the OPEN SOURCE and FREE OI File Manager app by - you will be sent to Google Play to download it when needed.



AUDIO ISSUESOf the 1000s of android models, some will have recording issues. Menu - Sample Rate to 16000Hz may help. Menu - Email Us - rate us for our response to your issues !

If you use this app for public performance or comic book fan convention (like Comic Con), please let us know of the response !


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