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App: Police Lights Premium

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Category Entertainment
Requires os version:Android1.6 and up
██ Please note these lights are created for entertainment purposes only, please use them in safe place and not on roads while driving , this can get you in trouble.

███████ ✰ Simulated police lights LED flashing lights ✰ ██████

► A really cheap police lights application to fool your friends when they driving crazy ;) just watch out you don’t use it in front of police! These lights are very bright at night! Just try the free version to see how bright they are!

â–º We only made this app for users who would like to support us in developing great applications! We have great projects lined up! So get buying ;) price is lowest android market allows!!

â–º These are Real like simulated police lights that are based on real simulation of police lights, these lights are not like any other lights you downloaded because they are lots of fun with great sound effects and many lights to play with.This app features 10 types of lights listed below in detail:

✔ Mode 1 Single Flash: This mode flashes the lights two times then changes to another colour and also has sound.

✔ Mode 2 is based on the UK police (Blue Lights) and flash left to right and has UK police siren.

✔ Mode 3 is side by side lights (Blue, Red) and they flash 2 times quickly before changing these lights are mainly when police is chasing a car, includes two sounds, one by touching the screen.

✔ Mode 4 has dual lights this means it will play Red and Blue together (In and Out) creating a really nice simulation and includes sounds.

✔ Mode 5 is also has dual lights but this time does a different simulation and no sound, will be added in later version.

✔ Mode 6 has 3 Red lights with sound that flash in a simulation left to right in medium pace.

✔ Mode 7 is when police car is parked with two lights flashing at same time after a short time and includes sound that matches with the lights.

✔ Mode 8 has Red and Blue which go left and right quickly creating a great simulation and has sounds.

✔ Mode 9 is just a mixer of colors which are really bright like the lights and its great fun!

✔ Mode 10 is WHITE and BLUE lights which look really cool and fit the full screen! also with playing sound.

This application is supported on all mobiles and works well with devices with screen-size 3.5inch ++.

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