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App: Dirty Talk M-2-F

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Category Social & Community
Requires os version:Android1.5 and up
Dirty Talk M2W is for Men texting to Women. It is very simple to use. Enter the phone # of your lover...browse through the pages and when you find one you like...Click Send!

This is the REAL DEAL here. NO games...NO random messages...NO cheesy advertisements....just PURE simple DIRTY Talk!

UPDATED MARCH 2012Now these phrases are even hotter than before...less punctuation and not so perfect grammar to make it resemble REAL text messages even more than before!

Get it NOW before the price increases!Only .99 USD

There are 5 categories in the menu to help you choose where to look.


YES you can EDIT these messages! Nowhere else can you do that!

ADD your lovers name...change a word or two...whatever you want.

These are NOT so dirty that you won't actually use them.The level of "Naughty" varies for your different moods.

Not sure?Use these as a novelty and warm her up to the idea of Dirty Talking for REAL!

These 101 Original Dirty Talk Phrases are sure to heat her up. Use them on your phone....then use them in the Bedroom!

Put them on your phone TODAY!

Yes this can actually be a sexting tool that will spark your own creative juices. Don't know how to talk sexy? These erotic messages will definitely send you to dirty talking school. Talking Dirty and sexy talk or txts are not taboo anymore...Don't wait - add to your sex talk, love talk and sexy txting skills today.

This app falls into these categories as well : sex,sexy text,texting.

If you have trouble downloading from google don't cancel the order. Visit this link and follow the instructions.

Thank You

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