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App: Android Informer

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Category Social & Community
Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
Android Informer is your gateway to a world of all things Android. It will help you discover new interesting apps, meet similar-minded people, and share your experiences with using Android apps and devices. Android Informer can keep your apps up to date, including those that you side-loaded onto your device, and help you keep track of which apps you've installed.

Besides keeping your already installed apps updated, Android Informer can improve your Android experience by recommending some new ones. These personalized recommendations not only include better alternatives to those apps you're already using, but also apps that somehow complement your current selection. Also, you can always check out worthy new apps just by glancing at the list of trending apps - this list is updated daily and is perfect both for finding out about popular newcomers and updated old classics.

The vibrant Android Informer community is also much more than just a bunch of strangers shouting out comments about various apps. These are people that are passionate about Android. You can ask any question you like, about any Android app or device, and they will help you and give you a direct answer. You can help others, too, and share your knowledge and love for Android with them.

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