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App: Credit Score Crystal Ball

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Requires os version:Android2.0.1 and up
THIS IS THE ONLY APP THAT WILL GENERATE A CREDIT SCORE WITHOUT LEAVING THE APP IN THE ENTIRE MARKET! PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL AFTER YOU ALREADY RECEIVED THE SCORE. IT'S NOT FAIR PLAY! IT'S LESS THAN A DOLLAR AND WE WORKED VERY HARD TO BRING THIS TO THE MARKET. Find out your CREDIT SCORE within a few points of your actual FICO® score with Credit Enhancement Pro’s Credit Score Crystal Ball - A State of the Art Credit Score Estimator and Simulator all in one. Unleash your credit score’s true potential! This is a powerful tool used by Certified Credit Specialists. Gives the most accurate credit score estimate currently available without generating an inquiry so it will not appear on your credit report. Allows you to see what is likely to happen to your score whenever you make changes such as decreasing or increasing your debt, missing a payment or even correcting a negative item that may be on your credit report. It is like having your very own credit score “Crystal Ball”, and puts thisincredibly valuable information at your fingertips for less than a dollar! Ask the Credit Score Crystal Ball any of the questions listed to see what could happen to your score before it actually happens. Your credit score means everything, and Credit Score Crystal Ball enables you test changes before you make them!********* ********* ********* ********* ********* **********Don’t let the price tag fool you. For less than a dollar, the Credit Score Crystal Ball will make a meaningful difference in your life! Don’t believe it? Well, imagine this… your monthly bills arrive in the mail,You notice a small bill for $100 that you owed that has gone to collections. To keep your finances in order you immediately pay the $100 and move on to the next bill. The following week your lease expires on your car and you will be shopping for a new one. You find yourself at a dealership in the driver’s seat of a new car and boy the scent is great. The salesman gives you the good news...application has been approved. You sign the paperwork detailing your interest rate and payment arrangement with a smile and drive away happy as can be. Heck, they even gave you an air freshener to hang from the rearview! You really are a V.I.P.What you did not realize is that your interest rate is actually 3% higher than it could have been – meaning you just paid $4,000.00 more for your car than you should have.Your decision to pay the $100 debt that was owed was a responsible one and should not have hurt your credit rating, right? Well, think again! What you actually did was update a negative record on your credit reportand lowered your score by nearly 30 POINTS!If only you had known you could have made the necessary changes and saved yourself thousands of dollars!Can you imagine that oversight on a mortgage? We can! It could cost you more than $67,000!!!This is one of many possible scenarios that can have a major effect on your score and many can be avoided! The Credit Score Crystal Ball is the perfect way to fire off a warning shot about your credit. If you ask the Credit Score Crystal Ball a question prior to making a decision (how much money to pay towards your credit card debt or what is truly affecting your score) it will, with unparalleled accuracy, provide answers that can help you to unlock your credit score’s potential. Visit us at http:// for credit tips and other information that will help you achieve and maintain a healthy credit profile.For a limited time if you purchase the Credit Score Crystal Ball your entitled to ONE free call to a Certified Credit Specialist to ask ANY question about your credit. All calls are confidential...we do not even need your name.Look for Credit Score Crystal Ball Pro Edition that will present you with 100% fully personalized questions to calculate how many points you can raise your score in a time frame you have available.
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