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Category Finance
Requires os version:Android1.6 and up
This is a Ad free version of the free myProfit.

myProfit is designed to be easy to use and put pricing calculations you need at your finger tips.

Calculate:-Price Margins / Gross Profit / Markups / Sell Price-Percent Increases-Percent Discounts-Tips and splitting checks

This app is extremely useful for any Sales Professional, Purchase Manager/Agent or business owner that find themselves constantly having to crunch numbers to determine what to sell an item for or how much an item will cost when working with list prices and discounts. Also with material costs always going up, the Increase Calculator is a HUGE time saver.

If you are out shopping and see an item for sale you can quickly figure out what the sale price would be and how much you would save simply and easily with the Discount Calculator.

And as we all know when we are out to eat and need to split the bill it can get complicated. The Tip Calculator is designed to be very easy and quick to use. No need to be a rocket scientist to figure it out.

** Handy Features:-Can be installed on your SD Card-Previously entered and computed values are saved between sessions.-Pop up Menu has a quick function to clear entries for each calculator.

**We are continually looking for ways to improve our app's. If there is anything you think could be improved please contact us directly by email at Thank you**We can't respond to comments left in the market.

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