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App: Path of the Soul Destiny Cards

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Requires os version:Android1.6 and up
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Version 1.2 (Sept 6, 2011) - App can now be moved to the SD card.

The Path of the Soul Destiny Cards app enables anyone to answer life's questions using their own intuition. Based on the best-selling Path of the Soul, Destiny Cards deck created by Cheryl Lee Harnish, an internationally renowned intuitive fractal artist, the app provides complete information on developing intuition, the meaning of each of the fractal art cards, and how to do a card reading for oneself or a friend.

Choose one of the three reading layouts; from a simple one card spread to a full five card in-depth reading. View each of your selected cards in full screen size then simply flip the card over to reveal its message. Plus, you'll find much of the information from the original booklet has been included as well! And as a bonus feature, you can do readings for your friends and e-mail it to them right from the app! Experience this top selling deck like never before!

Card Deck Review by: Mary Arsenault, Publisher of Wisdom Magazine"This is a truly beautiful set of 44 golden edged cards, featuring the Fractal Art of Cheryl Lee Harnish, and includes a guidebook of suggested layouts and interpretations for each of the cards. I recently invited some friends over to test the deck with me and, after spending most of the time gushing over the beauty of each and every card, we found their "divinatory powers" to be amazingly accurate and insightful... you will LOVE these cards."

Card Deck Review by Kathy DeSantis of Awareness Magazine"If you like reading destiny cards, this new deck, “Path of the Soul,” is amazing. You will be guided by the images of Fractal Energy Art, which is the unique source of spiritual intuitive guidance.

The Destiny Cards are each embellished with different fractals that have more meaning than even imaginable. A guidebook is included describing general meanings of the 44 Fractal Energy Art cards. However, the idea is to reach the ultimate goal of tapping into your own intuition and impressions for a meaningful reading... Studies at the University of Oregon show that simply looking at a fractal of mid-range complexity increases a sense of well-being and peace; the subconscious mind recognizes fractals. Harnish does wonders with this highly-recommended deck. It is a vital addition to any collection of destiny cards and healing modalities."

The app requires permissions for the following:FULL INTERNET ACCESS This is so you can choose to send your readings via twitter / facebook / email.READ CONTACT DATA This is so you can select a friend from your phonebook when emailing a reading.

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