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App: Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards

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Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
The Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards are a fascinating divination tool with origins tracing back to the old traditional Russian gypsies. If you'd like something a bit exotic, accurate but easy to use, then give this a try. The cards are deep in meaning and easy to interpret despite their relative simplicity.

Unlike traditional tarot cards, the Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards are made up of squares. Each square has a part of one of 40 symbols on each of four sides. The cards need to be rotated to align matching symbols. The reading is then based on the "whole" symbols that get formed.

The accuracy of the Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards is quite good. A reading can be done for absent persons as well. General readings and specific readings can be done with the Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards, depending on the question at hand. As with any divination method, these cards are meant to be a guide and please keep in mind that free will and God's intervention can alter any of the reading results.

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