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App: . old spirit fm lite

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Category Education
Requires os version:Android2.1 and up
Please do not purchase this version. See "Spirit FM Unlocked":

Cancel any time on request for an upgrade to Unlocked for the price difference, or for any reason. To cancel, email with at least your name, email of purchase, and/or order ID or email receipt.

-----------------------------I'm very sorry, but I have stopped sales of "Spirit FM Light". Updates will continue.

To stop new sales while still serving existing customers, raising price to maximum is the only option Google provides. (I tried $20, and one person a day was accidentally buying, so I created some language translations and raised it to the max of $200. Better to be thought a crazy dev than a greedy one, LOL.)

I'm doing this because the technical support burden for Light and Unlocked users is the same. Further, I'm very busy trying to improve Spirit, and I'd prefer to lose a few sales if I gain more time for development.

Light was created in the spring of 2012 as a low cost upgrade from the free version that used to be on Play. It served it's purpose and helped launch me from almost no income to my current "decent" and sustainable level.

I thank you all for helping to keep Spirit going.

Updates will continue, but Spirit FM Light will receive mostly just bug fixes.

New features, such as lock-screen support, digital audio, bluetooth and recording support, are exclusive to Spirit FM Unlocked.

This is not a change. Other than basic improvements, like UI, device and ROM support, new features have been pretty much exclusive to Unlocked since the Light version was created, and I've never communicated otherwise.

I'm happy that Unlocked now has pretty much all of the features envisioned 2-3 years ago. The new Spirit2 is the way forward, for supported devices... :)

Please email to upgrade for price difference, cancel, or for ANY problems or questions.

Thanks ! :)Mike.

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