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App: Tides- Florida Edition by NOAA

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Requires os version:Android2.1 and up
Simple, Realtime Satellite Map based NOAA tide charts of the entire Florida coastline marine tidal stations from NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) tide charts.

Ability to forecast Florida tides from NOAA by setting date and period for any of the tidal stations for the entire State of Florida tide tables.

When GPS is available auto-locate your position and zoom to the map for surrounding NOAA Florida tide charts.

Included is the ability to zoom and view satellite imagery for fishing ground characteristics to compare with tide movement.

Updated 2012 FWC Florida saltwater fishing regulations and photos for easy Fish identification.

Advanced tide graphs allow for you to judge the level of water movement for optimal fishing between high and low tide in Florida between tide stations so you can follow the tide flow for the entire day.

Recent Feedback:"NesTides ability to display tide predictions and actual tidal flow graphs allow me to extend fishing trips by following different tide station tide charts and moving with the tide flow. The satellite view allows me to explore and discover new fishing grounds I never knew existed. Absolutely the best fishing software tool I have ever used. ," said USCG Captain Mike K.

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