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App: Aviation Weather Elite

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Requires os version:Android4.0 and up
Aviation Weather is a polished, gorgeous, quick and easy way to check if nearby airport weather conditions are within your personal minimums. Get personalized up-to-date weather, forecasts, warnings and more with Aviation Weather!

★ At-a-glance view for ceilings, visibility, winds, and crosswinds for all of your nearby and favorite airports. ★ Intelligent warnings based on factors such as density altitude, high temperatures, low temperature/dew point spreads, gusting winds, weather conditions like rain, and much more. ★ Finds nearby airports automatically based on your position ★ Resizable home and lock screen widget for constant access to your airports weather★ Animated radar charts (U.S. airports only)★ Metric and Imperial (U.S.) support★ One touch shortcuts for immediate access to detailed forecasts, TFRs, NOTAMs, DUATS and more. ★ No subscriptions or in-app purchases needed; just purchase once and use on all your devices!

Aviation Weather focuses on getting the critical information you need fastest, in a very simple to understand way, and is a must have for any pilot-student, private, or commercial!

Note: Aviation Weather relies on NOAA METAR reports. Airports must report METAR information in order for Aviation Weather to function with them.

Feature/Shortcut List: Crosswind calculator, clouds, METAR reader, TAF reader, nearby airport weather, nearby airports, airport weather, flight plan filing, aviation weather, tfr locations, NOTAMs, airport info, DUATS access, weather widget, weather warnings, personal minimums, aviation minimums, surface visibility, gusting wind reports, density altitude and more!

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