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Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
KestrelCrumbs for Android transfers data from your Bluetooth enabled Kestrel device to your Android phone. Data downloaded to your phone can be viewed, transferred to PC, or shared with friends using external apps such as Twitter or gMail.

Features:• download and organize Kestrel logged data and individual snapshots into folders (datasets)• view and share individual samples in a dataset with external apps• view and share statistics of a dataset (min / max / average) with external apps• customize which measurements are displayed and shared with Filters• export entire dataset as CSV to external storage (for transfer to PC) or via eMail attachment• export sqlite database to external storage for manipulation via SQL using tools like sqlite3, SQLiteSpy or R.• manually or automatically refresh data display from Kestrel (2s, 5s, 10s, 20s, 30s, 1min)• manually or automatically save snapshots for any display refresh mode• storage capacity limited only by available *internal* storage space

Before You Buy:Please make sure you are able to pair your Kestrel device with your Android phone before purchase. If this step is not successful, it will be impossible to use KestrelCrumbs for Android. Performing this step before purchase saves you time, so you can evaluate the software more efficiently during the refund window. Phones with unreliable Bluetooth functionality may cause KestrelCrumbs to malfunction.

Supported Devices:KestrelCrumbs for Android has been tested extensively on the 4500BT with firmware Iss 4.58. It is designed to work with all Bluetooth-enabled Kestrel devices including: Kestrel 4000, 4200, 4250, 4300, and 4500.

Important:• Most phones disable Bluetooth when Airplane Mode is on, but may falsely report that Bluetooth is enabled. For best results, make sure Airplane mode is off.• It may take a few seconds for a phone to recognize a Kestrel that has just been turned on. If the 'Connection Failed' dialog is shown, wait a few moments before retrying.• If connection problems persist, try disabling and re-enabling Bluetooth on both the phone and Kestrel before retrying connection.• A Kestrel will disable its Bluetooth radio when its batteries fall below a certain level. KestrelCrumbs will lose contact with the Kestrel in this event.• Mac users using Android 3.0+ devices will need the official Google File Transfer tool to copy exported CSV and sqlite files to their machine. It can be found at• KestrelCrumbs enforces that data stored in a dataset has consistent units.

Requirements:• Your Android phone must successfully pair with your Kestrel. For instructions on pairing Bluetooth devices, consult the manual for your phone.• To send a CSV file through eMail, a properly functioning eMail client must be installed. Tested with gMail.• To send data via Twitter, a properly functioning Twitter client must be installed. Tested with the official Android Twitter client.

Known limitations:• Currently, only portrait orientation is supported.• A Kestrel measures min, max, and average for Wind Speed, Direction, Headwind/Tailwind, Crosswind & Wind Chill differently than KestrelCrumbs. Kestrel devices do not compute these values on stored data, and do not export this information. The method used by KestrelCrumbs is based on stored data and will differ from what is displayed on your device.

About this Beta:KestrelCrumbs 0.9.x is a beta release. See the "What's New" tab in Market for release notes and roadmap.

KestrelCrumbs for android is under active development. Help make KestrelCrumbs better by reporting bugs and suggesting enhancements. For more information about Bluetooth Kestrel meters, see

'Kestrel' and the Kestrel Logo are registered trademarks of Nielsen-Kellerman Co.

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