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App: uWind

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Requires os version:Android2.3.3 and up
GENERALuWind is an Android app that connects easily to a Kestrel Weather Meter using Bluetooth communication. The weatherdata is displayed beautifully on your Android phone (with graphs, multiple screens, etc). Moreover, you can also view the weather-data live on your personal webpage: This might be handy for spectators or yourself when you can't be near the weather meter. Our goal is give you correct data in an understandable way and to make weather-data more interesting and fun!

HANDY HOLDERWe also developed a special handy holder for the Kestrel meter, so you can attach it to a pole on your roof, bikecycle handlebar, etc. You can order this holder in">our shop.

FUNCTIONALITY- Easy pairing with Bluetooth- Stream all date real-time through 3G or wifi- LIVE graph with weather information of your Kestrel pocket weather station- Dynamic display (you can choose which information you want to see on the display of your smartphone)- GPS tracking- Easy exports (email, csv, etc)- Email your weather data to any email address you like

TECHNICAL SUPPORTSupported Kestrel Models: K4000, K4000 NV, K4100, K4200, K4250, K4300, K4500, K4500 NVIt is encouraged that you pair your Kestrel device to your Android via the Android Bluetooth Settings prior to using uWind for the first time.Step 1. Buy uWind in Google Play with your Android phoneStep 2. Turn on your Kestrel windmeter and go to settingsStep 3. Turn your Kestrel's logging OFF (Memory Options >> auto store = off)Step 4. Turn your Kestrel's BlueTooth ON (then press 'info' for pin)Step 5. Pair your Android with your Kestrel by entering the Kestrel Bluetooth-pinStep 6. Start uWind App on you Android phone and then it should work(Step 7. If nothing happens, check the support website:

For more information on Bluetooth Kestrel meters,">click here. 'Kestrel' is a registered trademark of Nielsen-Kellerman Co.Be aware: This is a Beta application.

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