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App: Marine Martial Arts MCRP 3-02B

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LATEST edition of Semper Fu. Unbelievably lethal moves are described here. For reference purposes ONLY. Not available anywhere else, JUST RELEASED by the Marines 11/21/11. Marine Corps Martial Arts Program MCRP 3-02B

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1.OverviewStructureBelt Ranking SystemTestingMartial Arts InstructorMartial Arts Instructor TrainerTactics

2.Tan BeltI:Fundamentals of the Marine Corps Martial Arts ProgramRanges of Close Combat EngagementsTarget Areas of the BodyWeapons of the BodyBasic Warrior StancePunchesMuscle RelaxationMaking a FistWeight TransferRapid RetractionTelegraphingLead Hand PunchUppercutHookBreak-FallsForward Shoulder RollStraight ThrustHorizontal ButtstrokeVertical ButtstrokeSmashSlashDisruptUpper Body StrikesPrinciplesHammer FistEye GougeActions of the AggressorLower Body StrikesVertical Knee StrikeFront KickRound KickVertical StompIntroduction to ChokesRear ChokeThrowsCounter to StrikesCounter Rear Bear HugUnarmed ManipulationArmed ManipulationsRifle and Shotgun Retention TechniquesKnife Fighting

3. Gray BeltJab/Palm Heel StrikeVertical Knife Hand StrikeElbow StrikesHorizontal Knee StrikeSide KickAxe StompActions of the AggressorFront ChokeHip ThrowUnarmed ManipulationWristlock Come-AlongArmed ManipulationKnife TechniquesForward ThrustForward SlashBulldoggingWeapons of OpportunityGround Fighting

4. Green BeltSide ChokeShoulder ThrowRound PunchRound KickUnarmed ManipulationsEnhanced Pain ComplianceReverse Wristlock Come-AlongWeapons of OpportunityBlock for a Vertical Strike With Follow-on StrikesGround FightingArmbar From Guard Position

5. Brown BeltGround FightingGround Fighting TechniquesBasic Leg LockGround ChokesMajor Outside Reap Throw: Aggressor PushingUnarmed Versus HandheldFirearm RetentionBlocking TechniqueArmbar TechniqueWristlock TechniqueFirearm Disarmament

6. Black BeltSweeping Hip ThrowGround FightingFace Rip From the GuardUnarmed Manipulation: Neck-Crank TakedownChokesKnee BarCounter to Pistol to the HeadFace SmashKnife TechniquesImprovised WeaponsGarrote


Although the fighting style described in this book is similar to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a student of the following martial arts schools would find it interesting: Aikido, Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, Kendo, Ninjutsu, Shurikenjutsu, Kung Fu, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, kickboxing, boxing, wrestling, Taekwondo, Karate, Kobudo, Shuri-te, Tegumi, Mixed Martial Arts MMA, Ultimate Fighting Championship UFC, Cage Match, Street Fighting

Although it is primarily intended for (and developed by the US Army), someone from a different Warfare, Warrior or War background could benefit, such as: United States of America Special Forces, Delta Force, Marines, Navy SEAL Teams, Green Berets, Army Rangers, Russian Spetsnaz of Russia, British English Special Air Service SAS of Britain, French Naval Commandos of France, Frogman, Shock Troops, Black Ops, Stormtroopers, Reconnaissance, Saboteurs engaged in Sabotage, Spies, Assassins, Ninjas, Shinobi, Japanese Samurai of Japan, Gladiators, Mercenaries, Security Guards, Hitman, those who want to be like Rambo, Chuck Norris or Bruce Lee, or anyone into Self-Defense.

An excellent guide for learning how to: Punch, Kick, Throw, Tackle, Dodge, Hook, Strike, Smash, Poke, Cut, Slash, Jab, Chop

Great for fighting: Taliban, Al-Queda, Terrorists, Nazi Fascists, Communists, Oppressive Regime Governments, Dictators, participants or combatants in The Hunger Games.

Weapon Training in this book can be applied to: Katana, Nunchaku, Bo Staff, Sai, Kama, Shotguns, Assault Rifles, M-16, M-14, AR-15, Colt 1911 .45, Rocket Propelled Grenade Missile Launcher, Bazooka, Machine-Gun, AK-47

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