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App: Hackers Handbook Trial

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Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
Free edition**THIS APP IS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. DESIGNED FOR SECURITY TESTERS. THIS APP DOES NOT PERFORM ANY HACKS, BUT RATHER EXPLAINS STEP-BY-STEP HOW TO HACK. USE THIS INFORMATION AT YOUR OWN RISK**The original & most trusted hacking app!**"hacking application that gives you detailed step by step instructions on how to accomplish a whole host of things in the tech world" -

"It is easy to use, updated often, the developer is very responsive, and the interface if fairly streamlined." -

"definitely presents quite a bit of valuable information in a fairly neat and organized manner and it definitely justifies some form of payment." -

"The Hackers Handbook app teaches readers how to crack Wi-Fi passwords and hack into email and Facebook accounts." -**

This app contains step-by-step tutorials on how to: - Steal PC passwords with Flash drive - Crack wifi WEP and WPA passwords - Gain access to e-mail accounts - Hack facebook accounts - Use your android phone to gain access to facebook, youtube, twitter, amazon accounts - Bypassing school security - Speed up your internet connection on ps3, xbox, PC, or mac - Hacking websites with SQL injection - Crack accounts for Mine Craft, Facebook, adult sites*, and more - ATM hack - How to pirate software/movies/games/music - How to softmod your Wii to play downloaded games + MORE This ebook will constantly be updated with new guides and tutorials without having to update the app, free of charge to everyone who purchases the app.

*This app does not name, promote, advertise, support, display, or link to porn.

RECENTLY ADDED:•6/14/2012 - Added a tutorial for installing BackTrack 5 on Android.•6/10/2012 - Chat room added•6/9/2012 - A tutorial for setting up DarkComet trojan has been added.•5/22/2012 - A user submitted tutorial for Creating a Crypter has been added•5/02/2012 - 1,000 hacks & tips added to the main menu of the app. These tutorials are from a 3rd party (Best of 2008 tutorial pack)•4/21/2012/2012 - User submitted tutorials for getting homebrew wii and softmodding your wii have been added.•3/8/2012 - A tutorial has been added for cracking WPS enabled routers •2/20/2012 - A tutorial has been added for a remote password stealer •2/20/2012 - A tutorial has been added for creating a keylogger, with pictures! 1/5/2011 - Tutorial added that shows how to do a man-in-the-middle attack that can sniff usernames/passwords for websites that use SSL and HTTPS, like facebook and gmail 12/1/2011 - Added tutorials for creating a botnet, proxy chaining, and creating a USB drive that steals passwords. 11/5/2011 - Under Misc. Hacks, Deep Web and Road-work signs tutorials have been added. 11/5/2011 - Under Protect yourself, Browsing anonymously tutorial has been added. (Tor Browser advanced configurations.) 10/16/2011 - tutorials for disguising files and clearing system logs have been added. 10/14/2011 - the following tutorials have been added: FUD Crypter, Cracking accounts, Internet speed boost, Bypassing basic school security.

E-mail support available. If something isn't working for you, make sure you write us in feedback so we can help you. Every guide here works if you follow the steps correctly. Available for Android, Windows Phone 7, and online at

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