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App: Army PRT (TC 3-22.20)

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US Army Physical Readiness Training. A Quick and Handy Army PRT Reference. All text reformatted for easy reading on a phone-sized display. Not a frustrating PDF reader app!

The conduct of Army PRT follows the principles of precision, progression, and integration. These principles ensure that Soldiers perform all PRT sessions, activities, drills, and exercises correctly, within the appropriate intensity and duration for optimal conditioning and injury control.

Since, precision is based on the premise that the quality of the movement or form is just as important as the weight lifted, repetitions performed or speed of running, a reference guide with explanations and illustrations (TC 3-22.20, Army Physical Readiness Training) develops this needed precision to ensure the development of body management and fundamental movement skills are performed correctly.

Now, there is a quick reference guide at your fingertip! The PRT Exercises app explains and illustrates (with the use of images) each Physical Readiness Training Exercise according to TC 3-22.20, August 2010.

PRT Exercises include: Starting Positions; 4 for the Core; Hip Stability Drill; Shoulder Stability Drill; Strength Training Machines; Preparation Drill; Recovery Drill; Conditioning Drill 1, 2,& 3; Climbing Drill 1 &2; Strength Training Circuit; Guerrilla Drill, and Military Movement Drill 1 & 2.

Achieve Precision by executing correct form with the help of PRT Exercises.

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