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App: iPieta: Spiritual / Church

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Category Books & Reference
Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
iPieta Spiritual / Church (upgrades from iPieta Spiritual, now includes the former module for Church documents)

Contents:Many classic spiritual works; the documents of the ecumenical councils; papal encyclicals since Pope Pius VI.

NOTE: The first three buttons described below all require the iPieta module. The data for this module is found in the Veritas Table accessed by fifth button.

Navigation:The first three buttons navigate to the Prayers, Bible, and the Calendar respectively. The Calendar button also serves as a toggle button between the Novus Ordo and the Traditional calendars. iPieta simply remembers the last-used calendar. (There is also an options-menu button to toggle calendars for completeness.)The fourth button opens the Bookmarks Table.The last button (V for Veritas or "Truth") opens up the indexed table for the all other content.The many Spiritual works are found near the top of the Veritas table (press Spir to the right for rapid navigation); the Church documents are found after them (press Church to the right for fast navigation).The main navigation features include: (1) Indexed tables - relevant entries can be found quickly in large tables by touching the indexes to the right. (2) The top button bar described above. (3) Left (or right) swipes in webviews to access the next (or previous) file. (4) Long-pressing table entries: This facilitates various search and bookmark options that depend upon the data being accessed. (5) The "options menu" which is the physical button on all android devices which gives access to relevant options. (6) The "search button" which is a physical button on most (but not all) android devices. (Search buttons are also found in the options and/or long-press menus). (7) And of course, the essential "back" button, which is a physical button on all android devices.

Bookmarks and Searches:Be sure to check out iPieta's powerful bookmarking and searching capabilities.

Other modules:There are three other modules. (The original 9 modules have been compressed to only four modules). These modules should work seamlessly together as one app; if you don't have the content the program should take you to the Android market where you can purchase that module for $1.

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