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App: Simple Stopwatch & Timer free

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Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
Quick & Easy!Adjusted to suit your needs!Stopwatch & Timer is simple stopwatch and all kinds timer app. While using the stopwatch, All prefs can be quick and short operation.You can customize the interface to match the feeling of you. (Size, Color, font, Position of the button, Number of buttons, measuring units, etc....)Quick & Easy & Good-Visibility & Energy-saving design.

Characteristic● Easy to use.● User friendly and simple and intuitive interface.● Timer of all kinds. (Count down timer,Count up timer, Interval timer) Perfect Control of them can.● Customize the app as you wish.(You can Customize the UI to match the feeling of you.)● Energy-saving design.● Perfect for every timing situation.(sport, game, cooking, work, wake up alarm, etc...)(★ You can open the menu by pressing MENU button on your phone.)

Features★ Simple stopwatch. ★ Count-up Timer.★ Countdown Timer.★ Interval Timer.★ Select alarm sound.★ Lap time, Split time.★ measuring units. (1/1, 1/10, 1/100, 1/1000)★ Settings for sleep. (Keep awake.)★ Full screen.★ Export by email or SD-card.★ Custom function. (The Customize the design of the application.)★ Play mp3 music.★ Set Background Picture.

Custom function (The Customize the design.)★ Adjust color.★ Adjust font size.★ Adjust Button size.★ Select the number and position of the button.★ Select font.(Normal, Bold, Italic, Digital LCD, Dot, etc..)★ And more available.

●Other characteristic★ free.★ High precision. ★ Precise measure.★ Reliable with accuracy.★ Quick and Easy setting.★ Corresponds to Kindle and Tablet and Android phone.★ Ideal Stopwatch to smartphones because one-size-fits-all.★ Timer convenient to all situations.★ The best app for Training and Sports.(Jogging stopwatch, Marathon stopwatch, Training timer,Swimming stopwatch ,Track, Time attack, General athletics timer, Circuit training timer,Cycling stopwatch,etc..)★ The best app for cooking.(kitchen timer.)★ Ideal for Productivity.(Meeting timer,Lecture timer, Presentation timer,Schedule management timer,Manage time of the task)★ Almighty and all-round and ultimate stopwatch and timer.★ Timer is wake up from sleep state.★ Rank in the market in more than 40 countries.★ Popular "Stopwatch & Timer" application in Google Play and Amazon App Store.

Stop Watch, Timer, Alarm, Kitchen, Android, Chronometer, Chrono, Count down.

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