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App: Custom Watch for SmartWatch

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Requires os version:Android2.1 and up
Custom Watch for SmartWatch is a fully customizable watch.This Smart extension works with Sony SmartWatch 1 (MN2) and Sony SmartWatch 2 (SW2).Features:* usable as normal wrist watch* build in clock designer for individual analog clocks* 20 individual watch designs* 8 digital clocks and 12 predefined analog clocks* supporting Low Power Mode* choose your own designed clock face, clock hands* choose backgroundimage from your gallery* customizable textcolor* customizable backgroundcolor* customizable clocksize (only for digital clocks)* customizable clockposition (only for digital clocks)* customizable clock face color, clock hands color (only for analog clocks)* switch between 12h and 24h format* show phone battery level

ATTENTION: Custom Watch does not work with Sony LiveView!

FAQ========Question 1: Does the Custom Watch replace the native watch?Answer: No. Nobody can replace the native watch. But we implemented an autostart option for Custom Watch on SmartWatch 2. This means Custom Watch will start automatically so it will almost feel like the native watch.On your SmartWatch 1 you can run the "Custom Watch" with the option "Use as wrist watch" to run the "Custom Watch" App permanently till you stop this app. It will also restart after connection is lost.

Question 2: Does the "Custom Watch" decrease the battery life of my SmartWatch?Answer:Sure. If you use an app it will always reduce the battery life on all devices, especialy if use it permanently.But, thanks to Sonys last update the low power mode can be used on Sony SmartWatch 2 (SW2) now.So we maximized the battery lifetime for SmartWatch2.For SmartWatch 1 users here are some tips:The display of the Smart Watch decrease the battery life most, so we implemented two options for you:* "Dim after 10 seconds" to dim down the SmartWatch display after 10 seconds till you touch the display.* "Stand by after 10 seconds" to turns of the display after 10 seconds and will wake up after touching the display.So it is your choice how much energy you save.

Question 3: Is it possible to display the battery level of the SmartWatch.Answer:No. There is no possibility to read out the battery sensor of the SmartWatch at this time.

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