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App: Foscam Monitor

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Category Media & Video
Requires os version:Android2.1 and up
Make your Foscam IP camera accessible from any Android device.

Foscam Monitor enables you to manage every aspect of your Foscam IP camera: image resolution, volume control, position, motion detection, etc. Works both with wifi and mobile internet connection (please note you need to configure your router to make your camera visible from the internet; see the FAQ section in our website:

Foscam Monitor supports one way audio. It shows real time notifications on motion alarm detection.

Use the grid view to see 2 or more cameras at a glance. Foscam Monitor supports up to 16 cameras.

You don't know the IP of a camera you just connected to your router? Foscam Monitor will find it for you.(note: the IP of a camera in a local network is not the same as the IP needed to see it over the internet)

Features include:- Video adjustments: resolution, contrast, brightness, flip/mirror image, infrared lights on/off - One way audio: get audio from the room where the camera is located.- Grid view: see various cameras simultaneously- Motion control with buttons: up/down/left/right, zoom in/out, scan horizontally/vertically, move to preset position- Motion control with gestures: up/down/left/right- Motion control adjustments: reverse left/right up/down controls, set preset positions- Motion detection alarm: manage motion detection alarm activation and settings from your android device- Mail service management: manage camera's mail service from your android device- PTZ settings: determine camera's motion speed- Capture camera image and save it to gallery- Automatically detects cameras in your local area network- Check connection to camera as you enter camera settings (address, username and password, etc)- Up to 16 cameras


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