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App: Samsung Remote PRO-TouchSquid

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Category Media & Video
Requires os version:Android1.6 and up
Unleash the full potential of your Samsung Tab 2 or Note 10.1 and its built in IR transmitter with this professional grade remote app. Nothing else to buy.

Also works with Samsung Galaxy Tab plus and Note 10.1 models with built in IR blasters.

A built in database of over 200,000 devices makes it likely the codes for all your devices are already available, but if not, our outstanding support staff will help you find them.

The TouchSquid app is activity based, where all controls for a particular activity are grouped on one screen. For example, Watch TV. This might involve a TV or projector, a cable box, and and audio amplifier. One screen will change channels and find content with the cable box, control sound on the amp and control the picture on the TV.

When choosing an activity, all involved devices are switched on and inputs switched so you are up and running with a single button.

You can define custom buttons and assign any command to them, including multi-command macros. Default buttons can be reassigned or hidden.

The Favorites screen is the best in the business. You can assign up to 144 favorites on 6 screens of 24 each and choose from hundreds of included high quality graphics. You can also add your own.

Favorites can be Channels, Web Sites, or custom commands, including macros.

There are also Power Up Macros, Power Down macros and Activity macros.

You can save multiple profiles so you can use one Samsung Tablet in many locations, even different homes, without re-programming.

We would be glad to answer any questions you have on our popular support forum

When you install the paid app after the demo, please open settings in order to update your profiles.

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