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App: Cut Me Out Green Screen Effect

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Category Media & Video
Requires os version:Android2.1 and up
Easily change same-color backgrounds on your pictures. Re-create movie-style Green Screen and Blue Screen effects on your pictures without expensive equipment. Change your picture to use one of the built-in backdrops, or use one of your own and share with your friends. Includes backgrounds for holidays, a Beach Photo, Happy Birthday, Happy New Year, Merry Christmas and more. Decent results can be obtained with Red, Black and some other backgrounds.

Known as Green Screen, Blue Screen and Chroma Key, this tool allows you to change the background of your pictures. Once a picture is loaded, it will automatically select the background color in the top left of the picture. Click on the image to select a new color if you desire. Change the sensitivity with the trackbar at the top of the application and watch the background disappear.

Green Screen and Blue Screen are the most popular choices for this effect, as these colors are the easiest to remove in images. For this reason you will get the best results with a blue screen or green screen background in your image. It is possible to get decent results with red, white, black and other color backgrounds.

Hint: If using a background that is not a Green or Blue color, try to select a new background that suits the tone of the background color. For instance, with a red background, select a red-toned (fiery) background to replace as the left-over background will be less noticeable in the new picture.

The screenshots were created against a painted green wall to show results that can be obtained with no special lighting and to show that a good result can be obtained without an actual 'screen'.

For a Green Screen or a Blue Screen, try hanging a sheet or standing in front of a colored wall.

Have fun with Green Screen, Blue Screen and Chroma Key!Enjoy.

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