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App: NQ Mobile Security & Antivirus

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Requires os version:Android2.1 and up
NQ Mobile Security & Antivirus 7.2 is an award-winning mobile security app that provides complete security and privacy protection for over million users around the world.

With three international independent test agency approved certifications, NQ Mobile Security & Antivirus 7.2 not only offers superior antivirus capabilities, privacy protection and anti-spam features, but also covers your Android smartphone with real-time Internet, online shopping and banking, social chat and games account protection, boosts your mobile speed and secures your mobile world completely!

------------------------The new generation of NQ Mobile Security is here! ------------------------☆Innovative features

►Powerful mobile optimization: Mobile Speed Booster to find and remove unnecessary processes so your phone works as its optimal level

►Comprehensive account protection for Internet, online shopping and banking, social chat and gaming accountsNow with enhanced game and social account protection, against all mobile threats

►Optimized antivirus engine: Deliver up to 30% more efficiency in faster and more accurate virus scan

►QR Scanner: Quickly detect and remove malicious links hidden in QR codes, eliminating opportunities for potential fraud and scan QR code

►Enhanced mobile acceleration: Add garbage cleaning function, completely accelerate cell phone

►New interface design Latest design concepts, high-end, friendly and easy to use

NQ Mobile Security 7.2 key features

►Antivirus & security protection-- Block viruses, malware, spyware and Trojans, and uninstalls malicious apps to protect your phone.--Scan every installed app & check your device's security status--Automatic virus database update (premium) --Anti-eavesdropping protection (premium): scan and alarm if spyware is installed on your phone

►Anti-spam--Protect yourself against unwanted calls & texts.--Set up your phone to filter out blacklisted number(s) or anyone who’s not in your contacts. --Intercepted calls & texts can be easily viewed in the app.--Choose to only get calls & texts from the contacts you white list.

►APP Manager--Uninstall software by single clicking, which is faster and convenient for users, and it will check all installation files stored in the phone, remind user to delete useless installation files. Even unnecessary preloaded apps can also be uninstalled (ROOT required).

►Internet protection--Protect you from phishing, fraud, harmful sites and malware to ensure safe web-surfing.--Real-time app scanner to block insecure apps during downloading

►Account protection (premium): real-time protection for financial, online shopping, payment, social chat and games account security

►System optimization--Ensure your Android phone is running at top speed by closing apps/killing tasks that run unwittingly in the background--Speed up your device by simply tapping widget on the desktop instead of entering the app.

►Backup & Restore--Backup & restore: easily backup data on mobile phones. Can run on different operating systems including iOS, Android, BlackBerry or Nokia phone and easily transfer your backup data among those platforms through a free account at NQ Space website (

►Advanced Tools--Traffic monitoring: provides real-time updates on data usage to ensure you don't go over your monthly package limits--Provides report on traffic usage trends and statistics over the past 30 days--Provides apps’ traffic consumption ranking--Privacy protection: monitors apps’ access to your private data like contacts, location, SMS messages & identity info without your permission, and uninstall untrustworthy apps.

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