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App: Classic Notes + App Box

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Category Productivity
Requires os version:Android2.0 and up
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- The Magical Memo Pad that Doubles as a Utility Belt! - Androidtapp

- Manages to provide a minimalistic interface that doesn’t sacrifice quality - App of the Day @ Phandroid - Simple Yet Rich In Features - Talkandroid

Classic Notes notepad with App Box is built upon the same principles as Extensive Notes but with a more minimal approach.

* Export notes as text to SD* Import / Export CSV as todo, checklist, shopping list* Share notes through facebook, twitter, more.* Create backups* Google translate* Send to Google Docs, Dropbox, pastebin* Text to Speech audio playback* Add to Google Calendar - Set reminders and events * Add notes to status bar* Create Home Screen shortcuts* New Note shortcut* New Note Statusbar entry* Modify timestamp* Easily display create & modification more* Wallpapers - colors, patterns, palettes* Images - via camera or gallery* Video - Record video* Paint notes - fingerpaint / sketch notes* Private notes - Lock notes with a password* Audio notes / voice notes - Record audio of lectures, meetings, or existing audio clips* File attachments e.g PDF, MS Word, Excel, MP3, PowerPoint, etc* Geotag + Address look up support - Tag locations * In note content search * Todo / checklist support* Prioritize notes, todos, and tasks based on urgency of low, medium, high* Todo, checklist, shopping list* Easily sort notes, todo, and tasks based on a number of common themes such as last modified, alphabetical, pending reminders, priority* Prioritized notes are easily recognizable based on color code* Attach to-do's / checklists * Tagging support* Reminders / Alarms* Abbreviations* Dictionary* Word etymology* Example word usage* Music Related references* Postal Code Lookup* Question and Answer* Slang* Spelling Suggestions* Thesaurus* Album Art* Artist Information* Artist Image* Artists Similar to* Track Information* QR Code notes* Stopwatch* Sales tax / VAT calculator* Discount calculator* Tip calculator* Image caption support* Unit conversions* Acceleration* Area* Bandwidth/Data Type* Circular Measure* Currency* Energy* Flow Rate* Fuel Consumption* Length/Distance* Liquid Volume* Planetary Age* Planetary Weight* Power* Pressure* Sound* Time* Temperature* Weight/Mass* Standard calculator* Mortgage Calculator amortization table monthly payment, interest paid, total interest, principal paid, and balance* Word of the day* Rhyming words* Phrases* Wikipedia search* Film/Cinema extras* Actor/actress lookup* Film lookup * Weather* Stock quotes- Fitness related calculators* Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)* Body Fat* Body Mass Index (BMI)* Daily Caloric Intake* Max Heart Rate* One Rep Max (1RM)* Target Heart Rate* Waist To Hip Ratio* Water Intake* Ohm's law, resistance, voltage, current* Random password generator* import csv into note* System monitor in extras- Battery level percentage, status, health- SD card total size, available space- Memory usage - total and available memory- Processor/CPU information- Network information ip address, wifi & mobile state- GPS status* Holidays* URL Shortener* Bulleted lists* Random number generator* Days until countdown* Timzone* Decimal to roman numeral* Wavelength to RGB* WHOIS lookup* Folder support* Rotten Tomatoes* Random Quote* Import via Outlook* Airport codes* Area codes* Countdown Timer* Bi-gram phrases* Comments & sub-notes* Recipes* Flashlight / torch* Base64 encode/decode, unique word, lexical density, word lengths* Compare text* Hotkeys

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