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App: Android System Info

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Category Productivity
Requires os version:Android2.0 and up
ASI provides a lot of technical infos(Hardware, System, Telephony...),Task Manager, App manager, logs viewer, battery stats, manifest viewer and more

* WIDGET WONT WORK IF YOU MOVE ASI TO SDCARD (it is an android limitation)*

** please contact me if your sdcard isnt shown properly**

** new features coming soon! **Follow me on twitter: @3lectricSheep

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Credits for translations:- Dutch: Idsert Joukes- Italiano: AJtriple- čeština : ondřej vaculík- Norsk : Torgny Seland - Spanish: Dr. Carlos Ariel Fregosini

Some people are suspicious about permissions used in apps. As Android System Info use a lot of them, here are some explanations:

- android.permission.INTERNETUsed for admob (to get ads) and also for flurry which gives me some infos for bugs tracking. A request can also be made to my server to check if a new version is available.

- android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATEUsed to read telephony informations for the System tab.

- android.permission.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATIONUsed by admob.

- android.permission.READ_LOGSUsed to read logs for the Logs tab.

- android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATEUsed, in the System tab, to access betwork informations.

- android.permission.GET_PACKAGE_SIZEUsed to know applications informations, for Application Manager tab.

- android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGEUsed to write logs to the sdcard.

- android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATEUsed to read wifi informations.

-android.permission.RESTART_PACKAGESUsed by the task killer feature.

-android.permission.CAMERAUsed to read camera informations. On some devices(like the motorola droid), accessing to camera info will make some sound.

KW: android dashboard system info informations application uninstall logs radio event task process manager killer widget multitouch manifest viewer

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