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App: Truth or Dare

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Category Social & Community
Requires os version:Android2.1 and up
The Truth or Dare game as a mobile application.Perfect for parties or a group of friends. It contains about 200 dares and over 200 truths in four different categories. You may play with multiple categories at once, and you can add your own questions to the game.

It works as a standalone complete game, with questions that will get you in a playfull and dirty mood. Or, it also works as a helper to those who don't have a good question on their mind.


"Truth or Dare" is a social game you play with friends, preferably in a foreplay or party setting. It's fun, exciting, and challenging in many ways.

It is important that you don't take the game too seriously, so that no one gets offended by any questions or dares they have to do. All questions don't fit everyone. Therefor it is allowed to deny a question you don't wish to answer, and just skip to the next question.

If you choose "Truth" you will get a question that you have to answer honestly.If you choose "Dare" you will get a challenge/task that you have to complete.

You can choose the person that has to answer the question in three different ways. 1.) Clockwise selection. 2.) The person who just answered a question choose the next person. 3.) Use a bottle, that you spin, to select a random person.

As an extra rule in a foreplay setting you can give permission to deny a question or a dare, but instead the person has to do a shot. In this way you create a drinking game out of it.

It is recommended to play on different categories at the same time to achieve a variation of questions. Maybe even all categories at once? I am sure you will find some of the questions on both normal and mild fun, even if you want a dirty game. If some of the questions don't fit for your surrounding you can just skip them.

Have fun!

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