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App: Facetones FREE

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Requires os version:Android2.0 and up
Facetones: The ultimate social calling experience. Get it free now!

Facetones displays a video slideshow of your friends' latest Facebook photos, and status updates, whenever you call each other, and whenever they text you.

Facetones for Facebook:Getting started with Facetones is easy, as the app’s Facebook Sync mechanism automatically matches your friends with your phone's contact list.

In addition, you can also manually match Facebook friends with your phone contacts in 2 clicks – select the contact, click the picture of the corresponding Facebook friend and you’re done. The next time this contact calls you, his/her full screen picture will be shown!

The Facetones app updates itself on a weekly basis to ensure you have your friends’ latest pictures.

The app includes the following features:- Automatic matching of friends and address book contacts- Plays auto-generated video slideshows of your friend's pictures when your friends call- Plays auto-generated video slideshows of your friend's pictures when you call them- Plays auto-generated video slideshows of your friend's pictures when they text you- Shows your friends latest status updates whenever your friends call or text you, and when you call them.- Manual matching of friends with address book contacts- Updates the pictures displayed in the slideshow with your friends’ latest pictures- Increased syncing speed with Wi-Fi

Facetones for LinkedIn:Facetones also supports LinkedIn. If you prefer the version that connects to LinkedIn and not to Facebook (for the time being you cannot use both in parallel), please download the “Facetones for LinkedIn” app.

Facetones is the latest app from Vringo Inc. We keep on adding options and features as well as extending our social networks support.

Facetones, a trademark of Vringo, Inc., is not sponsored or endorsed by Facebook or LinkedIn, nor is Facebook or LinkedIn affiliated with Vringo, Inc.

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