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App: MyAlbum For Facebook

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Category Social & Community
Requires os version:Android2.3.3 and up
NOTE TO ALL USERS: If you set the app visibility in Facebook to be lower than public it WILL effect the albums list the app can upload to. To ensure the app will be able to upload to any album, set the app visibility to public.

Pro version of MyAlbum is also available. The pro version is ad-free and has the ability to Tag photos. If you like the app, show your support and grab the paid version here:

Thank you all for making this app the #1 Android Market app for Downloading/Uploading Facebook photos !!!

Downloading and Uploading pictures from and to Facebook just got easier.

With MyAlbum you can:

1. Download a Facebook entire photo album with just one click.2. Download all Facebook photos you were tagged in.3. Share multiple photos to Facebook. Upload any number of photos to an existing or new album.4. Tag uploaded photos

What you CANNOT do:

1. Download your friends albums - Not allowed by policy (It's not yours!)2. Choose specific photos to download inside a Facebook album (it's all or nothing).3. You cannot upload files that are not located on your device. Meaning, picasa photos that are synced and if you have any other app the syncs your pictures by view and not by the actual files, it will not work. To upload the files should be on your phone storage. (Like this app does...)

Instructions for downloading:

1. Go into Download section using the left navigation menu.2. In the album list, use the check box to choose the Facebook albums you would like to download.3. Touching [download] will start the process. When finished you can see the downloaded photos by accessing your image gallery.

Instructions for uploading:

1. Open your image gallery or any other image/files browser of your choice.2. Check the images you would like to upload (one or many).3. Use the [share] option from the menu to choose MyAlbum as your sharing app.4. In MyAlbum, choose the Facebook album or group you would like to upload the photos to or create a new personal album.5. Touch [Upload] - The upload begins.

Running task:

Last option in the left side navigation menu is 'Running tasks'. Choose this option to see all the downloads/uploads tasks that are pending execution.

If there are features you would like to see in the app that are currently missing, send me an email.I'm always interested in upgrading the app and adding more cool stuff.

Please note, I cannot answer your comments here in the market.Leaving comments about bugs and/or complaints about the features will only downrate the app. Instead, send me an email with your issue and I'll do my best to help.

This app is not developed, sponsored or related to/by Facebook corporation in any way.

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