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App: Poker Agent (Paid)

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Category Finance
Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
Poker Agent is a live poker player's best friend. Poker Agent handles session logging, player tracking, hand recording, and an odds calculator. In addition to it's core functionality, it has a ton features not found in any other application.

Poker Agent has some unique user interface elements, for a complete understanding watch the introduction video.

Poker Agent DOES NOT support small screens or extra large screens (tablets). If you experience any problems please give me a chance to resolve it before you give the application a poor rating. You can email me at

There is a free limited-use version of Poker Agent on the Android Market. Try it out first to see if you like it.

Features- Session tracking and reporting- Player tracking- Player and Session Notes- Break Timer- Automated Backups- Automated location determination (using wifi and gps)- Hand History (player and session based)- Flop and Turn equity calculations- Flop, Turn, and River combinatorial calculations- Post session email- International Currency Support- Post flop player's statistics- Setting the game type at each table- Tracking Win/Loss per table- Allow win/loss to be updated multiple times per session- Expense tracking at the table level (tips, transportation, rake, etc).- Money borrowed and loaned- Tournament support- Bankroll management- Poker Stove light- Hand history reporting

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