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App: Inner Oracle Cards

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Requires os version:Android2.1 and up
A quick and astonishingly accurate tool for transformation: Release, Heal and Awaken.

Inner Oracle Cards are similar to tarot card readings but have a unique set of 4 decks designed to provide practical insights into your life.

People report them as: • "Surprisingly effective" • "Highly intuitive" • "Like a psychic in my pocket"

HOW DO THEY WORK? Find the issue and negative tendency that is limiting your life and growth now. Use the Jungian principle of synchronicity, discover the conscious and unconscious affirmations that will free your mind from the limitations of the past.

WHO MADE THEM?Dr. Rick Moss is the developer of Inner Oracle Cards and Essential Pathways. Rick developed this work after teaching meditation for 20 years and realizing that meditation alone does not change subconscious patterns, and by itself is not enough for transformation.

He offers spiritual guidance Over the last 25 years, Dr. Rick's work has been appreciated and recognized by many people, worldwide.

"A truly miraculous healer." ~ Dr. Candace Pert, author featured in "What the Bleep...

"You have a wonderful gift to offer the world."~ Louise Hay, author and teacher

"These are a must for anyone who wants to clear out subconscious negativity in the most spiritually empowering and nurturing way possible.”~ Jean Swann, Host of the Wisdom Show

“Many of the obstacles to my abundance, prosperity and success have seemingly melted away!"~ David R Couture, Living the Life Abundant

“Rick’s compassion, intellect and intuition was able to liberate me from lifelong issues in two counseling sessions"~ Joie Goodkin

LEARN MORE: The work is remarkably effective and can be experienced in the succinct form of these Inner Oracle Cards, or in more depth via his website, and via personal phone sessions at 831-659-2313. You can sign up for a free email clearing mp3 at

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