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App: WindFreak Pro

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Requires os version:Android2.1 and up
WindFreak is a global wind and wave forecasting solution. It was designed with Surfers, Kitesurfers, Windsurfers, sailors and all other wind-sport enthusiasts in mind. It uses a very clean and intuitive interface.

Currently WindFreak uses GFS and NWW3 forecast data, but with the support of the users WindFreak aims to run high resolution WRF models on a new server in the near future.


Current features include:Awesome Homescreen Widgets: 4x homescreen widgets show average or max wind for the day for 4 days.

Favourites: Store 15 favourite spots, all Favourite forecasts will be cached for offline use (great when you have no signal on a trip (FULL 7-day global forecasts).

Two forecast layouts: Horizontal and vertical scrolling forecast layouts that switch as you rotate the phone.

Share a Forecast: Share a day’s forecast with friends by simply long clicking the chosen day down, and sharing to facebook, gmail, or other social media.

Forecast menu: Press menu to get details of the forecast Run, (Webcams and Live Wind coming soon).

Request a Spot: Become Part of the community and Help me out by requesting a spot!!

Choose From Map: Pick any location on the grid from Google maps, and get a forecast for any lat,lon in the World!!

Try the free version first if you like.Features will be added!


INTERNETThe app needs to access the internet to get forecasts.

ACCESS_NETWORK_STATEThe app needs this permission to check for a network connection

WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGEThe App uses this permission to create a png image of the forecast if you decide to share it via social media.

VIBRATEThe App uses this permission to allow it to Vibrate when doing "long clicks" etc.

CHECK_LICENSEThe App uses this permission to check the license with google's servers (Pro Only).

READ_PHONE_STATEThe App uses this permission to create a unique identifier for the device, so any spammers can be blocked, and usage can be logged. It is a completely encrypted alpha numeric string that is created by hashing 3 of your phone's unique identifiers against themselves (making it impossible to decrypted on it's own), it is then encrpted again before it is logged at windfreak. So i end up with a completely useless unique key that Identifies each device using Windfreak. It would be impossible even with the source to decrypt this key.


I have spent best part of 9 months setting up this app and the forecast manipulation server behind it. I’d really like to continue to develop it further and run some cool high-res WRF models on a good server; however, I’ve just graduated and have negative money. If you can’t afford to get the Pro version, have an awesome time with the basic version.

If you can afford to support my project and help me to continue to develop the WindFreak forecast set it would be greatly appreciated if you get the Pro version, plus it has more awesomeness to it and no ads!!-------

Disclaimer: This is a forecast, if anything bad such as death, injury or wasted petrol happens to you. I’m not liable read the Terms and conditions!!

Wind Freak

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