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App: Shot Control

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Requires os version:Android4.0 and up
Demo - Full version is $2.99US / 2.29€, unlocked via in-app purchase.

Capture better photographs. Control your camera. Shot Control. As an amateur photographer that loves to exploit exposure adjustments to capture great images, I was frustrated that I could not find a camera app that allowed quick and easy exposure (EV) adjustment.

I set out to build the camera app that I myself wanted. For me, quick access to camera settings to manage image capture is just as valuable as seeing the photo preview on the screen. One touch exposure changes is key, as I use that on almost every "good enough to print" image attempt.

I wanted a quick way to mark (star) my best images. Maybe you are familiar with the workflow of a hole punch on the edge of 35mm film. I wanted to recreate that workflow, so Shot Control allows you to easily star your best photographs, and copies them in their own directory. You can't delete starred photos by accident, you must unstar them first...a feature that goes nicely with the option to disable delete the best, then quickly delete the rest.

I've been building Shot Control since August 2011 in my free time, released it in January 2012, and continue to evolve it over time into a tool that helps me take better photographs, and helps me better enjoy photography.

If you also enjoy and appreciate Shot Control, I encourage you to leave a 5 star comment. If for any reason you are not satisfied, I am always willing to issue a refund at any time, for any reason.

Here are some user comments...

"Simply put: this is a great tool for every mobile photographer out there. Having all of the camera controls on the main screen is heavenly, & you are able to adjust white balance, flash, exposure, & basically everything else without opening a menu. I love that you can map camera functions to the volume rocker. The developer is extremely responsive & the app is constantly being fine-tuned & refined. He is clearly committed to making this the most flat-out functional camera app on the market. Get it!" - Comment from Trent"It's so easy to use and equally functional." - Comment From Zac

"Everything you need from a camera app on screen and in easy reach. This is the best. " - Comment From Jason

"The Shot Control interface is very intuitive, and having the "roll" integrated into the main screen makes things even easier." - Comment From Mitch

"I love that I don't need menus to get to the adjustments and filters. Great work!" - Comment From January

"Shutter button remapping alone is worth the purchase." - Comment from kvn

"Really complements the Galaxy Nexus camera. Giving the user more control of the camera which will result in better photos." - Comment from Stephen

Key Features:- Multiple Touch Focus/Meter regions on ICS (on supported devices with Android 4.0)- Direct access to exposure control and zoom- One tap access to ISO, White Balance, Scene Modes, Focus Modes, and Flash Mode Settings (based on device abilities)- Custom mapping for hardware buttons (like volume down for focus, volume up for shutter)- Pre-focus function- 35mm style film roll integrated with the viewfinder display- Star your favorite photos, which will be added to their own "Stars - Shot Control" group in the stock gallery app on most phones. - With "Instant Upload" enabled in Google+, photos with stars will be "instant uploaded" to G+/Picasa as if they were taken with the stock camera app.

Please use the “Submit Bug Report” if you have issues on your device, available by pressing the menu button. I can't reply to comments posted in the market.

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