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App: Gravilux

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Category Entertainment
Requires os version:Android2.1 and up
Gravilux lets you draw with stars: it’s a combination of painting, animation, art, science, and gaming. As you touch Gravilux's screen, gravity draws simulated stars to your fingertips. You can tease and twist the particles into galaxies, or explode them like a supernova. You can color stars by their speed, change the strength of gravity, number of stars, their color, and even enable antigravity. Multiple fingers and multiple people can touch the screen at once, collaborating or competing. Gravilux was first released as a work of interactive art by Scott Snibbe Studio that was only available in galleries and museums. Now it’s available as an Android application.

"Apps like Gravilux awaken an 'Avatar'-like sensitivity to electricity in the body, power in the palms and general connectedness." - NY Times"Every once in a while, an app will come along that has no practical application whatsoever but is just SO COOL that you have to have it! Gravilux is that sort of app.""Of the millions of apps out there, none quite capitalize on the sheer fun and beauty of interactivity the way that Scott Snibbe’s do.” --CoolHunting

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