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App: Fake iPhone 4S

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Category Entertainment
Requires os version:Android2.0 and up
----------------NEW: Fake iPhone 5 has been released - a brand new launcher in the style of iOS 6! Check it out now:

Trick your friends into thinking you have the iPhone 4S! This app is a full-screen working replica of the iPhone home screen. It even replaces your phone's status bar, so there's no hint of Android underneath.

NEW: Swipe down for notifications! Now you can access notifications without having to leave the app.NEW: Actual network operator shown in status bar - you're no longer stuck with AT&T!

Most of the icons on the screen will open up the relevant Android app when clicked. If there's no suitable app, or the app isn't installed on your device, it's replaced with a sponsored message. The advertising revenue helps support the future development of this app, so please bear this in mind :)

You should be able to give a convincing iPhone impression just by flipping through the Springboard screens, and opening up an app or two to show people that "it really works". If you really want to amaze them, use this on a phone with a 3D gallery app, and click the "Photos" icon. The status bar will stay hidden, so there won't be the slightest hint you're using Android.

Works best on the Samsung Galaxy S II, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Nexus or any Android phone with a Super AMOLED+ display. Also runs on the latest Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) & 4.1 (Jelly Bean) devices.

--Karma--In version 3.4 I've added a screen where you can choose to support the app by earning "Karma". The button brings you to a Tapjoy marketplace, where you can download new & interesting apps. Every time you download an app, you'll earn "Karma", and a few cents will go towards the future development of this app.

It's entirely optional, but if you're feeling generous, it's a fun way to discover new apps & support the devs at the same time. Thanks for your help!

---Feedback---I'm open to ideas, so let me know if you have any suggested features or improvements. Either leave a comment, or shoot me an email at

I'm particularly interested to hear if some of the icons aren't working on your device. I've tried to test this on most API versions, but still, you might have a device which is incompatible. I'd love to fix it, just let me know!

---Upcoming Features---I hear you... everyone wants this turned into a launcher! I'm working on it, but truth be told, it's a big challenge and this isn't my full time job so it will take a while to get to that stage. Hopefully it'll be ready in time for the iPhone 5 :) Have said that, here are a few features in the works:

+ Customizable network indicator+ Working 3G/Wireless display+ More Apps (but tell me which ones!)

---Permissions---This app uses several external libraries, including Google Analytics, ACRA, LeadBolt, Tapjoy and Inner-Active. Some of these libraries require additional permissions.+ EXPAND_STATUS_BAR is required for dropdown notifications+ INTERNET_ACCESS and ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE are required for Google Analytics.+ READ_PHONE_STATE and ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION are required by LeadBolt & Inner-Active (adverts on the inactive buttons)+ WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE is required by Tapjoy, for caching videos on the SD card

---Trademarks---iPhone is a trademark of Apple Computer Inc. This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by Apple.

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