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App: Mobile Closeout

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Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
Mobile Closeout is an extremely easy to use, customizable application that assists with the “closeout” process, or the process of finishing a work related task. Whether it’s a simple work-order, multiple day project, sales lead, or any other task your company performs, Mobile Closeout simplifies the paperwork and ensures a consistent process is followed. Designed and developed by an HVAC & plumbing company for the service industry, its completely customizable framework is guaranteed to match your requirements. Don’t need the “installation” track? We’ll remove it. Need a specific field? We’ll add it.

DECREASED FUEL COSTSWith Mobile Closeout, no longer do you need to have a technician drive to the office to close out a work order. Additionally, supervisors no longer need to drive to a job site to verify that work is completed properly. Simply specify which pictures need to be taken by the technician before closing out a work order, and the information is immediately sent to the office for approval and processing.

IMPROVED QUALITYBecause technicians have a check sheet that needs to be followed and pictures have to be taken to prove that a specific step was completed, quality of work will increase drastically.

SAVED TIMETime normally spent by technicians to drive back to the office on a daily basis to submit closeout paperwork can now be re-focused to completing more jobs. Time spent by supervisors driving to job sites to verify completed work can now be re-focused towards scheduling and training.

IMMEDIATE CLOSEOUTSWhether the goal is to have immediate up-to-the-minute financial statements, or to know which parts need to be back filled because of use in the field, Mobile Closeout gets you the information you need immediately.

INCREASED NUMBER OF TECHNICIANS MAINTAINABLE BY DISPATCHA single dispatcher is able to handle multiple email conversations at one time, while only being able to handle one phone conversation at a time. Because technicians can communicate with Dispatch via Mobile Closeout, a single dispatcher can handle more technicians. With Mobile Closeout, there are few reasons for a technician to need to call Dispatch.

ABILITY TO SELL TODAY AND INSTALL TOMORROWWith sales closeouts coming directly after a sale is made, supervisors are able to make equipment orders and schedule jobs immediately. This allows for replacements to be installed much more quickly, which decreases the chance that a customer will back out.

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