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App: Rage Comics Reader

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Requires os version:Android2.3 and up
Rage Comics Reader - best app for troll comics ★☆ Featured Comic Book App in Play Store ☆★☆ 1,600,000+ downloads ☆★❤❤❤ 55,000+ reviews! ❤❤❤

Never be bored again! Get the latest rage meme pics!

✓ Fastest and simplest to use meme reader for f7u12
✓ Swipe smoothly from one troll comic to other rage face
✓ Zoom in and out of troll faces as much as you want
✓ Share best meme jokes on facebook, twitter, messaging, email…
✓ Save favorite lol pics to gallery for offline viewing pleasure ;-)
✓ Endless scrolling for funny troll pictures
✓ Most popular ragefaces and funny face pics - always updated from Reddit (more sources coming)
✓ Lots of comics to select from: Hot, New, Top of the week, classic rage comics etc.
✓ Constantly updated troll jokes
✓ Get your daily dose of ragecomics: forever alone, fffffffuuuuuuuuuuu guy, troll dad and more of the funnier and funniest comic characters!

Make you feel like a boss? Aww Yea!

Thanks to our users for their constant love and support. We will keep on improving this app and making it more fun, and look forward to receiving your feedback and bug reports. True Story!

U gusta? Problem? Email me right meow!

Stupid poem, as you are determined to read everything here..Roses are red,Violets are blue,Dolan NO!Gooby downlaod plz?

Changelog:v1.9-current- ** WARNING ** Ads have been added. Don't upgrade if you do not want ads. We are trying to figure out some way to keep everyone happy - suggestions ?- New: Now translated to Spanish also- New: Use hardware acceleration when possible- Speed up: data fetch, scrolling and save to disk- Smaller APK: size < 1.5 Mb again- Improved: German translation improved with support from Johannes F, Manuel A and Karl T- Lots of minor bug fixes- Bad: Ads- Bad: Supports Android 2.2+ only now

v1.7-v1.8.2- Improved: Reduce memory/space used - even faster- New: can now be installed to external storage- Bug fixed: No more repeated comics- New: Internationalization!- Improved: Robust comic preview loader- Improved: Cleaner comics list- New: More sources and more comics - New: Added action bar on view screen with share/save actions

v1.6-v1.6.2- Better quality of saved images- Fixed the troll popup- Looks better on Android 4+ devices

v1.5- Fixes issues with app slowing down with time, and using too much memory. Improved caching and cleanup!

v1.4-v1.4.4- Read/Unread comics are marked now - easier to browse now!- Share via email, facebook, twitter and many more!- Dialog to avoid accidental exits- Stability fixes - the most common crash/force close should be fixed now

v1.3-v1.3.3:- Save comic to phone feature - Force close on settings menu - fixed- Bug fixes/speed and stability improvements- anonymously usage tracking of your app - helps us improve the application rapidly

v1.2:- Stability improvements - fixed force close due to screen orientation changes while fetching the comics

v1.1.2:- Fix polluting the gallery with rage images- Faster and more bug/crash fixes- Zoom/pinch for comics made better- Prettier thumbnail stubs- more UI improvements

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