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App: 7Nujoom-Video&Talent Show&Chat

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Category Entertainment
Requires os version:Android2.3 and up
7Nujoom----The most popular, real-life, interactive live-broadcast showroom.#Plenty of hot, multi-talented anchors, they are stars of among the stars! #Over a million users active at the same time!#Fantastic live broadcasts you don’t want to miss!#Real-time talent showroomRound-the-clock, 24-hour of uninterrupted talent shows. Fast and clear streaming, no drop off-line and minimal data usage.#The most spectacular talent show.Be it sweet singing, talk show or magic, there’s something for everyone. Popular anchors awe the audience with their stunning performances.#Grow your level with your favorite anchorsGrow your level with the anchors. You can make them#Interact with others.You could chat with other users in real-time in live showroom. Meet interesting people and make new friends.
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