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App: Ultra Keyboard

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Requires os version:Android1.5 and up
Ultra Keyboard has many features designed to give you a better Android keyboard experience.

Choose your favorite way to type.Touch-type like usual, or combine adjacent keys into COMPACT KEYS so they're easier to press. Slide your finger over words using WORD TRACING (instead of touching each individual letter).

The SUGGESTION BAR is smart and easy to use.Choose words with just one swipe, even if they're not visible at first. A built-in English LANGUAGE DICTIONARY is included (and many other languages are available for download). Add new words to your personal CUSTOM DICTIONARY. BLACK LIST words you don't want to show up anymore.

Use WORD REPLACEMENTS to automatically expand abbreviations.Tired of always typing "be right there"? Try "brt". You can even create your own.

The TOOL BAR provides a ton of functionality in a small amount of space.You can scroll, drag, or flick through the available buttons.

Use SPEECH-TO-TEXT to transform your spoken words into text.

TRANSLATE your text to dozens of different languages.

CUT, COPY, and PASTE with a built-in CLIPBOARD.Text you copy is saved so you can access it later. Remove anything you don't want to keep.

FULL-SCREEN MODE provides TEXT SELECTION HANDLES and a MAGNIFIER.Accurately select portions of text to edit or copy.

The CHARACTER MAP makes more Unicode characters accessible.Set up your own list of favorites for easy access. Includes Emoji on Android 4.1 devices.

Use the CAMERA OVERLAY* to see where you're going.Watch what's in front of you while you type on the go. (* Android 2.3 or newer only.)

Create custom ACTIONS triggered by GESTURES or device buttons.Want to swipe left to delete the previous word? Want your device's search button to activate the camera overlay? Do all this and more.

A DYNAMIC UI means you can customize the keyboard so it's perfect for you.Are the keys too tall for your liking? Make them shorter. Don't like the ARROW KEYS? Hide them. Many things can be tweaked directly from the tool bar.

Change the keyboard's look with downloadable THEMES.You can use the built-in THEME EDITOR to create your own themes, or customize existing themes with your chosen fonts and colors. You can even use themes designed for other keyboards!


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