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App: Gallery Pro

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Requires os version:Android2.0 and up
"Gallery Pro" is photo and video viewer application developed from Android standard gallery application.This application provides following functions:

- View photo and video in your phone- Edit photo (crop/rotate/delete)- Edit video (delete)- Search photo and video by geo tag or taken time- View photo and video uploaded to picasa web albums (requres google acount setting)

In addition to these functions of android standard gallery, "Gallery Pro" provides following extended functions:

- Hide albums you like- Customize slideshow interval (by milliseconds)- Customize thumbnail size of grid photo- Display optimal number of photos for display size in grid photo (always 4 rows at standard gallery)- Display the folder where camera application stores pictures taken as "Camera" album

* This application is localized for Danish, Japanese, Norwegian Bokmål, German, Greek, Dutch, Polish, Korean, French, Turkish, Czech, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Chinese (China), Spanish (United States), Portuguese (Portugal), Chinese (Taiwan)

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